• Looking to develop that competitive edge and skill to build up your stock in the basketball industry?

    Scout U is a 5-week interactive and hands-on course founded and operated by premier private basketball scouting and consulting service, EV Hoops. EV Hoops clientele includes NBA and international organizations.

    This summer, we’ll offer 4 different classes:
    Scout U Crash Course, for first-time students
    Scout U 102, for returning students
    Working in Sports, for high school students and underclassmen
    Coaching College Basketball, for anyone!

    Scout U returns in June of 2018.  And we’ll offer classes in June, July, August, and September.

  • “EV Hoops does a tremendous job of providing in-depth analysis and evaluation of prospects at every level of the game.”

    - NBA Front Office Executive

  • We have been utilizing customized, specific, and unique teaching methods to improve staff scouting and evaluation techniques on an in-house level. We are now looking to take our expertise and teaching methods on the world of basketball scouting and offer it to U!

    - Elan Vinokurov, President/Owner of EV Hoops

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Unique and personalized for anyone!

Whether you’re a high school senior, college student, post graduate, or even looking for a taste of a possible career change, Scout U will offer a unique and personalized experience to help take you and your career to the next level.

Scout U Instructor

Elan Vinokurov

President, Owner

Elan Vinokurov has worked in basketball scouting since 2006.  He currently owns and serves as President of EV Hoops.  He has appeared on Comcast, WIP, ESPN, and CBS radio as a Draft expert.  Elan also has a background in coaching and also co-hosts The War Room Hustle.  He is a big believer in challenging students to ask more questions, go deeper, and think of talent evaluation in new, creative, critical-thinking ways.

  • “I went into Scout U just looking to learn a little more about the game. I feel like I learned way more than I could have anticipated about the game, the way to look at prospects, and how to separate conventional wisdom from the truth, pushing my thought process further to decide for myself instead of herding with other scouts. I’ve found a new passion through Scout U, and I can’t think of anything more rewarding than that.”

    - Ron P.

  • “Learning from Elan and my classmates was unbelievable and eye-opening. It really showed me how much more work I need to put in if I want to make basketball my full-time job. Scout U was the coolest basketball-related thing I’ve ever done besides going to games.”

    - Gary B.

  • “It’s truly exciting to be tasked with showing how you see and think about the game. I thought Elan, was terrific at coaxing the best environment for debate out of each of us as individuals and collectively. At the risk of sounding way too much like Bill Walton, Scout U is pretty darn dreamy.”

    - Jonathan S.

  • “The greatest class I have ever taken. It has everything you need to enhance your scouting ability: education, application & discussion (debate!!) I wish this class was taught in college.”

    - Brendan D.

  • “Loved the experience. I feel my basketball knowledge was somewhat validated, and I learned so much more on top of that. Great to be with fellow hoop nerds!”

    - David R.

What makes Scout U special?

Expansive Curriculum

The 5-week, 5-class format is unrivaled

  • 13 hours of class time
  • A 1-hour orientation, then four 3-hour classes
  • Nitty-gritty lectures
  • Game film breakdown
  • Personalized evaluation and critique

Not Just Your Everyday Lecture


  • 2-way conversations
  • Tons of class interaction
  • Students often drive the discussion
  • Lectures are broken up with class exercises
  • The final week is a 3-hour DEBATE

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Interested in Scout U?

Have questions?  Want to hear about new classes first?  Fill in your information and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have scouting experience to attend Scout U?

No.  Scout U is for all basketball lovers.  We tailor each session to fit that group’s level of knowledge.  We do recommend that you have an above average understanding of basketball and the NBA though.

Will there be guest speakers?

We do not bring in guest speakers.  Scout U is a crash course with EV Hoops President Elan Vinokurov.  No time is wasted simply listening to new voices.  Every second is dedicated to teaching, interacting, and applying our curriculum.

What if I miss a class?

Slideshows are always sent out to all students.  And we try to find the time to make up our lecture portion of class for those students that were absent.

What classes do you offer?

Scout U Crash Course, Scout U 102, Working in Sports, and Coaching College Basketball.  Four different classes to choose from!

Where is Scout U held? Is there an online option?

We teach out of We Work in Northern Liberties (Philadelphia, PA).  There is an online option, but if you are local, we recommend you take the live class.

What if I do not want to speak in front of the class?

If you wish to be more of an observer, we are OK with that, but we do advise that all students take advantage of available opportunities to speak in front of the class.  These opportunities help you grow and get better.  Debate is one of the most important aspects of our class.

Are group discounts available?

If you and a group of others wish to sign up, reach out to us via e-mail, and we can discuss group discount options.

How many available spots are there for Scout U?

We take 10 students for each 5-week session.  We believe in smaller, more interactive groups to foster the best learning environment.

How much does Scout U cost?

All classes except Working in Sports cost $375 for five weeks of class.  Working in Sports costs $300.

How often is class?

Once a week for five weeks.  13 hours total.  1-hour orientation in Week 1, followed by four 3-hour classes between Weeks 2-5.

Does the cost cover all FIVE weeks or is it per class?

You pay one price for all five weeks of our crash course.  Simple enough!

Will there be homework?

Yes.  Each week you receive a new game to cover and submit reports on.

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